Sunday, October 21, 2007


Hello to anyone who might be reading out there!

I'm making this blog primarily for myself, but if it can help others, that's fantastic!

I'm a student in elementary education. In a little less than two years, I should be teaching in my own classroom.

In the meantime, the School of Education requires that I spend some time almost every semester in the classroom. The school also strives to provide a different experience each time; in four semesters as an education major, I have spent time in four different grades in four different schools. I also work with some science outreach programs during the summers.

Through the field experience included in my classes and the other experience I have with children and with teachers, I am picking up plenty of teaching tips and thinking of plenty of ideas for my future classroom. I may or may not end up using these, but I still don't want to forget them before I even have a chance to implement them as a teacher.

And so, I'm here. I've been blogging fairly consistently for six years on various sites and various topics, and I thought a blog might be the perfect place to keep track of teaching ideas and tips as I come across them.

I especially like that a blog creates the opportunity for other pre-service teachers (and even teachers) to benefit from the ideas posted, so please leave some feedback if you read (especially if you're a member of the education field yourself). Thank you, and enjoy! :)