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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Five for Friday- It’s Been Awhile!

What a week.

I am worn. out.

Here’s why:


1. We spent the weekend seeing two of our good friends (top right) get married! It was fun to get all dressed up and see people we hadn’t seen in years (like my old college roommate!)


2. Annnnd Monday morning, after about 10 hours of driving over the weekend, we got to start THIS.

On the plus side, I had my 10,000 steps for the day before lunch on Wednesday!

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3. This week we brought out some ‘real’ science containers. It was amazing how much my kids were instantly excited- even by things as simple as water dyed with food coloring.


4. More things that get kids excited to learn?  The Titanic- and any copies of primary sources, like this newspaper set from The New York Times that I got last year! Even though I teach science and social studies this year, every teacher has an RTI/ Enrichment reading group- so I (thankfully) still get to teach reading, and I get to choose our resources (like Polar the Titanic Bear) to make it engaging without having to worry about giving them a grade.


5. I sat down and put all of the weird end-of-the-year stuff on my planning calendars, and holy wow. With all that we have going on and us alternating science/ social studies with A/B days, I have ten lessons left to teach each class. TEN.


I’ll admit- we’re getting to that point of the year where my kids are like family. And by like family, I mean they love each other and I love them to PIECES, but some of us are starting to drive each other a little crazy. But, that said, we’re also at the point of the year where I FINALLY feel like we’ve got a groove going… and I’m not ready to let go of these kids yet!

I just counted and I think we have 24 days left.

Anyone else feel this way? I’m simultaneously excited for summer but sad that my time with these kids is coming to an end. It is just TOO SOON!

How many days do you have left?

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