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Friday, October 19, 2012

BOO'ED! ...with links to 5 freebies!

I've been "booed" twice! Thank you, Amanda from Inspired in Second and 'Sina from Field of Poppies.

Since I've been boo'ed, I'm joining the October Linky at Tori's Teacher Tips!

1. Give a shout out to the blogger who booed you and link back to their site!

2. Share 3-5 October activities, books, products (yours or someone else), or freebie(s) that you love!

3. Share the Boo love with 5 bloggers- make sure you check this link to make sure you don't boo someone again: And don't forget to tell them that they have been BOOED!

4. Link up {here} so that others can find you and read about your October ideas! And while you are there... check out the other great blogs!

Here are some October goodies I love:

Ms. Preppy's Place Value Candy Corn Puzzles {free!}
Great review for my kids when they finish their work early.

Sunny Days in Second Grade's Weekly Word Wizard- Halloween Edition! {free}
If you don't use these in your classroom, you really should!

A Series of 3rd Grade Events' Pumpkin Prefixes {free!}
Perfect activity to practice prefixes for centers or Word Work.

Fourth and Ten's Branches of Government Flip Book {free!}
I'm using this next week, and I am ridiculously excited about it.

And finally... a brand new product of my own!

Trick or Treat: A Multisyllabic Word Game! {Only $2}

I see all kinds of great games for sounding out words with short vowels or long vowels, but a lot of times my intermediate kids can do that in isolation. What they can't do well is to use those phonics skills to sound out longer words.

To help my students with "chunking" longer words, I created this freebie. It includes liiiittle spaces between chunks (usually syllables) to help kids visually break the words apart. Most words are 4-5 syllables long!

Each adorable Halloween bat or spider (thank you Mercedes of Surfing Into Second!) codes to a certain ending (-tion, -ing, -le, -al, -less, -ment, -ly) except for the pink bat cards (which are random extras like -sion and -ary). You can start your kids out with all of the cards, or slowly add in as you introduce new suffixes. You can also use the color coding to help identify if there are specific endings your kids are having trouble with!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be kind and say "thanks" if you download! :)

Linked up... well, just about everywhere. Go forth and download freebies!

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  1. This is a great word list--I'm an SLP and I'm planning to use it with my students who need to work on correctly pronouncing multisyllable words--I love the bat graphics and the way you have spaced out the syllables. That visual should help my students. Thanks for the freebie!!!

    1. Aren't the graphics adorable? I love Mercedes' style.

      I'm so glad this will be helpful! I hadn't even thought of it for use by SLPs, but I'm so happy you can use it! My kids are loving the game.

      Thank you for stopping to say thanks!

      Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. I love, love, love your multisyllable word game. My readers who struggle will definitely call this a winner. Thanks for making my job and their lives easier and more fun!! We are very appreciative.

    1. So glad you enjoy it! I'm thinking I might have to make more things like this- my students are loving it but it's also really a challenge for some of them!

      Thank you for stopping to say thanks :)

      Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  3. Thanks for your ideas! I have seen the PB&J demo done before and totally have forgotten about it! Thank you for reminding me of it AND for the additional writing piece to go with it. I have downloaded a few of your Freebies. I like your government pack especially. I have scanned through some of your older posts and I am loving all of your ideas! I finally had to go to bed last night! So here I am again Thanks for sharing your ideas. That's what I love about teaching we don't ever have to reinvent the wheel, we can share and morph and create together! Thanks again!


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