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Monday, March 11, 2013

How to Create a Facebook Page for Your Teaching Blog

I wanted to start a Facebook page to go along with my blog and store, and this is what came up.

Aaaaah! Too many options.
Luckily, I could eliminate everything on the bottom... but any of the top 3 *could* make sense for a teacher blogger/ seller. So what do you do?

Since I thought someone else might go through this same confusion, I thought I'd post about how I started a Facebook page for my blog and TpT store.

Like any self-respecting blogger with a question, I googled it. And thankfully, I found a blog post that broke things down for me. Anne has a fantastic chart explaining what types of information you can add for each type of page. (I would love to post her chart here, but that doesn't seem fair, so please click over to her blog to see it!)

One of the main differences about a local business page is that it mostly lets you give information for a physical address (hours, location address, etc.)- and of course, I don't have a physical store. It doesn't really make sense for me, then.

Now I'm down to two options. I looked carefully at what fell under "Basic Info"- what someone could see initially on the home page, without clicking for more information. A Brand or Product page will let me give an "About" description on the home page- which is important to me.

But on the other side, the Company page would give me the option of adding my email in the contact information, which I would really like to have.

All things considered... I think Brand or Product is the better fit. I'll just have to add my email in somewhere else!

I chose website as the category, and then put the name of my blog.

From there, they walk you through choosing a profile picture, writing a description, and linking websites to your page. (I chose my blog, TpT store, and Pinterest.)

Once you have this, they walk you through the parts of the page, which I found really helpful. It shows how to use the page with little pop-ups. (So if you aren't too Facebook-savvy, they will help you!)

Another thing I really like is that I chose to create this page while logged in to my personal Facebook account. Now, the two are linked- but they show me at the top of the page that I'm "being" Luckeyfrog's Lilypad right now, and I can click to change to my personal account. I like that I won't have to log in and out to post on my personal profile or my blog profile.

So, now you'll have an Admin panel. This is only because you're the "admin" of this page. This way, the notifications, messages, and likes are all in one place.

It looks pretty simple from here!

A few quick tweaks, and now I can refer you straight to!

Annnd there's one thing off the to- do list for Spring Break! Looking forward to interacting with some of you more :)

P.S.- I also added a "Follow By Email" button to the side when I updated my blog design, so if you'd like to get an email every time I write a new post, be sure to sign up over there!

P.P.S.- 500 Follower Giveaway coming up soon... (let me know if you want to help! :)


  1. Great Info! I haven't taken the jump to a Facebook but this would make it much easier! :)

    I'd love to help with your giveaway as well!


  2. Thanks for sharing this tutorial! I was thinking of starting a facebook page and now I'll be doing it over spring break! I'd love to be a part of your giveaway as well!

    Success in Second Grade

  3. Seriously... I love you! I was JUST asking myself how in the sweet name of Jesus was I supposed to know which of the 6 options of page types I should pick.. so I googled it and there your page was. Life. Saver. :)

    The 4th Grade Journey

  4. Thanks Jenny! This was super helpful!! You are awesome!

  5. Amazing information about facebook. Thanks for sharing....

  6. Thank you!!!! This is exactly what I was looking for.

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  8. Thank you so very much! You inspired me to take this leap of faith and I did it! I actually did it! I can't thank you enough!


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