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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Managing Library Books- Easily!

I love my specials teachers. My kids go to music, art, gym, and library each week.

This sign from Ladybug's Teacher Files. My room is slowly being taken over by her products :)
Library is sometimes tricky because in a half hour, kids need to return or renew books, learn from a lesson, and pick out and check out new books. Our librarian has terrific parent volunteers that help with checking books in and out while she teaches, but she also has some great management ideas that make it all run smoothly.

Each class has a rolling cart labeled with the class name.


I slide this under a table during the week and pull it forward on library day, complete with a bright sign (just construction paper folded over with some tape to slide over the handle) to help kids remember to turn in their library books on Thursdays.


Easy peasy.


If someone wants to renew a book, they can tape this little note next to the barcode. (Another teacher showed me this- brilliant!)


Our class librarian brings the books down just after the announcements, so a parent volunteer can start checking books in even before our library time.

It’s seamless! We also have lunch bins like the one below for lunch boxes to be easily toted to the lunchroom (since our kids go straight from recess to lunch) and easily toted back to the room by our Lunch Bin Movers.


I love that people at my school have come up with such great solutions to “stuff” problems! Do you have anything like this to make your daily routines more convenient?

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  1. I'm jealous of your library cart! We don't have consistent ones at my school. Mine consist of a rolling hair and a laundry basket. Most teachers just have two kids HAUL them in a milk crate. I also love the lunch bin idea, we have 10 min in between lunch and recess. I could just extend lunch a little if we brought everything with us!



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