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Sunday, February 26, 2012


Whew. Here I go again.

I have started the blogging train many times, and even dabbled into teacher blogging, but I really haven't done much with it.

Time to try again. I get way too many good ideas and materials from other teachers to not contribute any myself!

Blogging Goals (more for me than you, I promise!):
  • I'll try to stick to mostly teaching topics, but still let you get to know me, because some of my favorite teaching blogs are the ones where I feel like I know that person. 
  • While I would love to eventually start a TpT or Teacher's Notebook store, I want to make sure I always offer plenty of freebies. I'm in (essentially) my first year of teaching, which isn't the most lucrative profession, and my husband is still in college, so I love finding terrific freebies from other teachers, and I want to be a part of that!
  • I don't ever want to spend a lot of posts JUST on promoting my own products or giveaways. It's okay occasionally, but bloggers who do that constantly just drive me crazy.
  • I want to blog at least once a week- hopefully more!
I'll post soon telling you a little more about me, and move over the teaching ideas that I have posted previously on my personal blog. Hopefully, you can find something useful!

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