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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Teachers Teach to Blog

Friday, I had planned on going to a *sleepover* with a girlfriend of mine and some of her friends. Honestly... I was exhausted, and just not feeling up to it, especially because I didn't know most of the women going. I felt awful, but... I needed it. And I was in bed by 9.


I felt a little guilty skipping the sleepover, but I needed some me time and some sleep. I'm so glad I did it- I felt so much more relaxed the next morning.

Take some time for yourself- I'm telling you, it's worth it. Show yourself (and your bed) a little appreciation during Teacher Appreciation Week!

For the rest of my weekend... I got to go to a friend's improv show for kids (see above- not my husband this time, but a VERY funny good friend), play Rock Band with friends at their new (beautiful) house, and watch a soccer game that 5 of my students were in. It was so much fun to cheer them all on, and thankfully the game ended in a tie so we don't have any hard feelings tomorrow!

You should've seen the look on their faces when they saw me. So cute!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the TpT Teacher Appreciation Day today. I managed to hop online for long enough to download about a million free things. I can't wait until I have time to really sit down and check out my finds. Thank you SO much to everyone who participated! New teachers like me, especially, really appreciate it!

Anyway, I am excited to tell you about a new group to join!
Everyone in teacher blogging super loves Teacher Blog Traffic School. It sounds like it really, really works for just about everyone looking to achieve bigger and better in the blogging world.

Unfortunately, for me- teacher blogging is purely a hobby. I'm not selling anything (at least not yet) and I can't seem to justify spending that much money (and time) to something that is just a hobby.

I do think it is probably a TERRIFIC investment if you're looking to turn your blogging into a second job making and selling teacher materials- so, please, do check it out if that's your plan- but for me, that's just not the case.

Still, I found myself totally jealous of the community that has sprung up around TBTS. I wanted people to share my successes with (without feeling like I was digging for compliments by posting them here), people to ask questions of, and people to share knowledge with.

I wasn't the only one, so Tammy at 123 Teach With Me started a new Facebook group called Teachers Teach to Blog. It is NOT meant as a place for expert advice, but rather for a group of friends to gather as we figure out tips and tricks and to support each other as we figure out what works.

Teachers Teach to Blog is totally free, totally casual, and comes with no promise of suddenly increasing your followers or sales- but if you're looking for some teacher blogging friends and some casual advice, make sure you check Tammy's group out! I will hopefully be in as an admin soon to offer the bits of advice I have.

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for a freebie! :)

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