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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Wow! Pinterest decided to suddenly love a couple of my old posts this weekend. I spent the weekend in Knoxville (well, sort of- I spent half of the weekend there, half of the weekend driving). I will be a bridesmaid for my "twin" (good friend since before I can remember) this fall, so we went dress shopping.

Ended up with this one (no, that's not me). 

They measured me to find out my size, and I found out that my bust is between a size 6-8, my waist is a size 4, and my hips are a size 10. Is it any wonder that it's so hard to find things that fit?!

My mom says I should just be happy that any part of me is a size 4. I tell her that's hard to do when I need to go shopping in order to have more than 1 pair of shorts that really fits me right now.

SURELY some of you have these problems, right?

Anyway. I have been meaning to link up to this thing for AGES.

1. Read CAFE, the Daily 5, and re-read The Book Whisperer and Spaces and Places!
2. Read at least 10 books for fun. (I'm up to 2 so far- The Help, and Between Shades of Grey, which is a Holocaust book- not a 50 Shades book!)
3.Give my blog a makeover. (I'm getting there! Still need to tweak the colors, but I made a header for myself that at least looks better than no header at all!) An alternative would be winning a new design- check out the AWESOME giveaway at Second Grade Super Kids for a chance to win a *cuuute* new blog design from Erin at Creating and Teaching!

4. Map out my science and social studies for the year to go along with my new reading series. Any Storytown users out there?
5. Create homework, morning work, newsletter templates, and my updated lesson plan template for 3rd grade. (This probably won't all happen, but a girl can dream, right?)
6. Revise my beginning of the year forms and packet.
7. Make at least 3 DIY things from Pinterest, either for my classroom or home.
8. Write a blog series- "You Just Got a Teaching Job. Now What?!" because I've been there- and there are so many things to think of! If you have any suggestions of what to include, let me know!
9. Reach 250 300 blog followers by the start of school! (Feeling ambitious!)
10. Go to Zumba more, and eat a little better.
11. Move into my new classroom without moving stacks of unfiled papers!
12. Try at least 2 new recipes. Any easy suggestions for a household of one at the moment?
13. Organize the work I do teaching high school biology camps during the summer, so that if we move next year when my husband graduates, it will be easy for someone else to take over.
14. Have at least one get-together for my class at the library.
15. Visit Texas to see my sweetie and celebrate our FIRST wedding anniversary!

Hrm. Most of this seems more like a to do list than a bucket list. It probably won't all get done, but it's all about goals, right?

Hope you are having a GREAT {and productive} summer so far- or that you're close to the end!


  1. Sounds like a busy fun-filled summer you have planned! :) I definitely have the same problem as you when it comes to measurement. It's all in the hips and behind for me. It can be so frustrating when shopping for clothes!
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. Your list sounds really similar to mine!! The daily 5 and cafe books are super easy reads!!!

  3. I'm reading The Book Whisperer right now and loving it. I've read Spaces and Place and Daily 5. (I love Daily 5!) Cafe is on my list to get to. Busy, busy!

  4. I would adore to read the series on teaching jobs. I got my first job about a month ago and am so anxious and excited!

  5. I love the dress and your wedding picture! I read The Daily Five this past school year and started implementing it right away. It worked great! I am also going to read CAFE this summer. I can't wait to read about how you will use the ideas in your classroom.

    Delighted in Second

  6. Your list sounds like my list. Long. I want to know about Between Shades of Grey. I have NO interest in 50 Shades of Grey (It sounds like cheese people read because it's sexy) but I do enjoy a good Holocaust book (that sounds sick).

    And, I love your dress. At both weddings I've been a bridesmaid in, I've had to wear dresses where my ample bosom is popping out of a strapless top. No consideration for big girls. I'm not a size four anywhere! lol
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  7. I'm a Storytown user. Welcome to the {small} group! :o) I really, really want to read Spaces and Places! I think I'll order it as soon as I start my next summer book.

  8. I LOVED The Book Thief. Now I'm definitely going to have to get Between Shades of Grey! Yay! New book new book!

    Buzzing with Ms. B


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