Thursday, November 15, 2012

Photo Dump!

I love that Miss Nelson is running her monthly Teacher’s Gonna Snap! linky party. It gives me an excuse to post all the old pictures of stuff we’ve done over the last few weeks! Please, feel free to pin for next year, when I’m not way too late for these ideas to be helpful to you! Smile

Here’s what we’ve been doing lately!

Weekly Must Do’s board is new, and I’m loving it. Our CRAFT board (thank you Ladybug’s Teacher Files and Sisters!) and Reading Response journals are going really well, too, and the pile of 6 books are the new books I got from the book fair (thank you Parent Council- they give us a gift certificate every year!)


Our fall party snack and some favorite pumpkin book reports…


And finally, some of the work from our government unit:


(Thanks for the citizen freebie and branches of government flipbook, Fourth and Ten!)



And finally, how cool is this?!


Yes, that’s me with Jack Hanna. Not a school event, but so, so cool to get to meet him!

Make sure you go link up with Miss Nelson!

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