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Monday, January 7, 2013

Back from Break!

So today, I walked into my classroom having not touched it since the 21st.

I know some of you had that situation but can't help it, but ever since the 30th, I was able to come into school if I wanted to, and I didn't. In fact, I didn't even touch the mountain of grading I needed to catch up on until two days ago (and it's still only about half done).

I walked in almost wanting to put my hand over my eyes. Seriously, had I not been carrying 20 lbs. of Teacher Bag and Overflow Teacher Bag, I probably would have been peeking through my fingers. I was remembering stacks and piles and just plain mess...

And it wasn't as bad as I remembered! VICTORY!

Now, I still have a school To Do list about 3 miles long, but I don't really mind.

I feel like I actually got a break.

My husband knows- I always do this thing on a break where I relax a little, but not enough to feel relaxed and I get some things done, but not enough to feel accomplished. It leaves me in this awkward catch-22 where I didn't get enough of either thing- relaxation or productivity- and leaves me feeling worse than I started.

This break, I finally did it. I took enough of a true stay-in-pajamas, watch-too-much-TV, eat-junk-food, just-plain-hang out break for it to actually feel like a break from work.

And yet, I got enough done around the house (and enough quality time with loved ones) to not feel like the break was a total waste, either.

Sure, my classroom is a pit. But when I came in today, I didn't have any regrets, and that's pretty darn amazing.

As any teacher but especially a new teacher, I feel like it's so easy to let yourself constantly feel swamped, like there are a million things you HAVE to do. But I'm going to try to give myself one night a week that is just "off"- where I don't do anything school-related and don't feel a bit guilty, because man, this break felt wonderful.

It was JUST what I needed!

I hope you had a great day today!! How do you give yourself enough "me" time during the school year?


  1. I was in the same boat! I left school before break after just cleaning up the snacks from the party. I cringed at the thought of going back in, but it wasn;t as bad as I remembered on Wednesday. Then I promptly decided to rearrange everything and did make a big mess!

    After 12 years of teaching, I am still trying to figure out the "me time" thing. I try to leave as much as I can at school after work, leave by 5:00, and I try to leave everything at school on theh weekends. If I go into school, I only give myself an hour or two.

    I'm glad I found your blog! I love checking out what other 3rd grade teachers are doing!


  2. I did exactly what you did (and usually do exactly what you usually do, too!), and it was NICE! Glad you enjoyed yourself. We, teachers, need it sometimes!!


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