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Sunday, April 7, 2013

My Booky Weekend in NYC!

So, I mysteriously told you all about an exciting trip to New York City.

I have been visiting the city and Scholastic headquarters as a 2013 Teacher Advisor for Scholastic Book Clubs!

Here are the 24 TA's for this year, from all over the country, with the Scholastic CEO/Chairman. His dad founded the company.

We spent two incredible days giving feedback about Book Clubs as they are now, possible changes to come, and so much more.

I have always thought that it seemed like Scholastic really cared about kids and literacy, not just making money, but it has never been more clear to me than at these meetings.

These people are book nerds whose faces flashed with recognition and emotion when we mentioned favorite books, and clear education advocates who teared up when we talked about important teaching moments. It was evident that they love reading, want kids to love reading, and immensely respect teachers' role in making that happen.

Dick Robinson is just one example. He (and so many others) thanked us continually and told us, "We know nothing happens in the classroom without teachers." They truly listened to what teachers had to say- the good and the bad- about the Book Clubs program.

It was a place so abuzz with energy, passion, and positive affirmations of teaching that I was tempted to fill out a job application. (Seriously.)

Between the amazing, generous Scholastic staff and the brilliant teachers around me, I had a truly terrific weekend. Plus, I got to see New York City- or at least a little of it!- for the first time.

While the trip is over, I will continue working with the company from afar for at least a few more months. I almost didn't want to tell you all about the Teacher Advisor program because I want to reapply next year (if that's even an option!), but if you're interested, keep an eye out in the fall and apply, because it has been so very worth it!

I still can't believe I was chosen for this. I am very tired (and ready to see my husband), but I feel invigorated and so, so blessed.

Thank you, Scholastic Book Clubs!!

P.S.- All photos lovingly snagged from Scholastic social media. (Preeti, you're awesome!)

P.P.S.- Some of my photos coming soon :)



  1. Wow, what an incredible experience! I am definitely applying next year!
    Teaching in the Valley

  2. I want to go back to New York City so much! And, I love Scholastic Book Clubs. I have never heard of this, but would love to go too! :)


  3. That's amazing! It is good to hear they value teacher input. I'm not surprised; their materials have always been so user-friendly!

  4. Whoo-hoo, that's awesome! I've considered applying in the past, but haven't ever done it. Can't wait to hear about your experience this coming year.

    1. Wow! That is impressive! What a fabulous experience! Congrats!

      Primary Inspired

  5. That sounds like an amazing trip and opportunity!! Thanks for stopping by my blog today :)


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