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Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Day Sale!

Today I had my 3rd snow day/ cold day in a row… it’s starting to feel like-


Have you heard? Indiana was hit hard yesterday with a huge storm and cold front. I lived in Indiana until this summer, and most of my family and friends were hit with over a foot of snow! My Indiana blogging friends ALL have a snow/ cold day today because of the…


Here in Cincinnati, we missed out on most of the snow (although we had over 4 inches last week). We still ended up with a day off today, though, because of the snow/ice and today’s HIGH of –2… which means a wind chill around –30 F. I’m definitely glad we didn’t send kids out in this! I’m staying bundled up inside as much as possible- but while so many of us are stuck inside, we thought…

"There's SNOW better way to spend a day than with a $1 Sale!"

Each of us chose products that will be just $1 on this Monday (and Tuesday) of Snowmageddon. In my store, you find these products for $1:

Hot Chocolate Party Multisyllabic Word GameCalendar Cover

You can easily hop from store to store from the linky below. My Hoosier friends have some incredible products and freebies on a regular basis- so be sure to say thanks and follow their stores so you don’t miss out on future deals!

Oh, and by the way- I’ve finally finished the January Text Detectives.

Text Detectives- Find the Evidence- January

This text evidence edition will be especially great if you teach about polar or arctic animals!Plus, this month you can get a FREE Martin Luther King Jr. passage just by going to check out the preview here!

I just found out I have another snow/ cold day tomorrow, so all of my sales will last through midnight Tuesday (1/7/14)!

Happy Shopping! Stay warm where you are :)

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  1. I live in Alabama and the temperatures have been crazy low here! I can't even imagine the temps some of you guys are experiencing! Burrrr! Stay warm!

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith


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