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About Me

Hey there! I'm Jenny.

I've been teaching 4 years- two as a 2nd grade interventionist, 1 in 2nd grade, and 1 in 3rd grade.I'm kind of a science nerd, so I've also taught summer science camps for grades 4-5 and 7-12 for seven summers. Thanks to a move out of state, I'm currently looking for a new job, but I will hopefully be teaching somewhere soon!

Outside of the classroom, I'm married to an amazing man, I don't have any kids (but hope to have a puppy soon!), and I live in Ohio. I'm a huge Green Bay Packers fan and love dancing, photography, and reading. You also might've guessed that I like frogs :)

As a teacher, science is my favorite subject, but what I love most is integrating science and social studies content into my reading and math instruction. Teaching thematically is so much fun, and I think my students learn more and think deeper when we relate the subjects together in a more realistic way!

And as much as I don't love testing, I do love using data to help a struggling kid catch up, especially in reading. After four years on RTI teams, I think it is absolutely amazing what differentiation can do for our kids- and without data, it would be so much harder to make decisions about what is truly working for each individual.

In teaching and in life, organization has always been something of a struggle for me- but I know how important it is for a teacher, so I'm constantly trying new techniques to keep myself organized! When I find something that works, I try to post about it here for other organizationally-challenged teachers :)

Finally, I still consider myself a new teacher- and blogging has been a great way to reflect on my own teaching while also getting the joy of sharing with others! I learn so much from the blogs I read, and my own blog has now been viewed over half a million times, which is pretty humbling.

Thank you for taking some time out of your day to check out my little corner of the Internet! I am so blessed to work in a job I LOVE and to have so many amazing colleagues throughout the world!

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  2. I'm doing a research paper on student motivation. Do you have your own students or do you come in to work with other teacher's kids? Got any motivation tips you stole from those teachers?

    P.S. I teach high school math, and motivation is a big deal.

    1. Hi Andy! These probably aren't anything new and they may apply a lot more to elementary school than secondary, but you can read some motivation tips here:

      I think one of the biggest things is just getting them invested in what you're doing. It's absolutely tough to do, but (as I'm sure you know) the more students can see the relevancy in what they're doing, I think the more valuable it can be.

      Thanks! Good luck with your paper.

  3. Hi there!! I stumbled upon your page from a picture you had posted on instagram then realizing that I had bought some of your things on tpt. As I was reading through your recent post I saw you live in Ohio and teach 4th grade science. I live in Ohio and this is my first year teach 4th grade science also. I have similar struggles in the classroom as you. I would love to pick your brain some time on how you decide to what order to plan your curriculum in.

    You can hop over to my blog and check it out... {fair warning I've been super busy and haven't be a good blogger and keeping it up to date}


  4. I am enjoying your "little corner of the Internet" and am impressed with your insight and positive energy. Thank you for sharing your ideas, thoughts, reflections and positive energy which will make me a better teacher as I return to the classroom.

  5. I wish you could make some of these for first grade. I actually volunteer daily in a kindergarten class and they could use first grade materials the last half of the year.
    These pages and the explanation of how you use them are wonderful.


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