Sunday, April 1, 2012


My husband is an improv comedian, doing short-form 'games' like on Whose Line Is It Anyway. Basically, the audience gives them some suggestions of setting or character, but from there, the comedians make up the acting and script on the spot. I love watching him do improv- we actually met at a college improv club- but I have to say that being funny spur-of-the-moment has never been my forte.
Still, sometimes in teaching and life, it's necessary to improvise. We've all had those lessons where we magically think of a better idea in the middle of the lesson, and switch gears.

Last weekend, my husband asked if I would please make him chocolate chip pancakes. He cooks more than I do, but pancakes are one of my things. In fact, he is almost always the one to cook breakfast (guy makes a mean bacon, egg, and biscuit breakfast!). So, of course, I had to oblige.

One problem, though- the batter is made up already when I realize we have NO chocolate chips.

I have already promised these to my husband.

So... my eyes hit the peanut butter brownies I made the day before, and I break the brownie into tiny pieces.

And then I set them in the batter on the griddler, and cover them with a bit more batter.

The other option is M&M Minis, so I make some with them, too. (Yes, they were from Christmas.)



 Sometimes I think it takes a little spontaneity (and delicious brownie pancakes) to remind me that not everything needs to be all planned out.

Have a great week!


  1. Oh my word. Peanut Butter Brownie Pancakes?! Can I come over for breakfast?! Pretty please?!

    Oh My Little Classity Class

  2. I could only imagine how funny life would be married to an improv comedian.

    Omnomnom!! Those pancakes look good. Darn you 10pm!! Be morning already.
    Daydreams of a Student Teacher


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