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Thursday, September 20, 2012

One Word Mission for the Year

On Monday, I have a meeting with my principal. She likes to schedule a casual sit down with each teacher around the beginning of the year, just to check in and make goals.

Well, this year, instead of a list of our goals, she asked us to try something different.

We are supposed to think of ONE WORD.

That ONE WORD is our goal, our outlook, our purpose for this year. Essentially, it's taking all the long-windedness of a mission statement and breaking it down to its simplest piece. It looks like the idea started as a Christian new year's resolution idea, but it can work for anything.

The principal gave us an example of her own- BOLD.

Well, I'm supposed to think of one word.

My ideas?
- Organized.
Seriously, this could be my goal for every year for everything for life.
- Balance.
I'm doing the classic new teacher thing of spending many many hours working on school work. I need to find a way to be smarter about my time and spend more time for me and my family.
- Differentiate.
I think this can be true of how I want to teach better, but also just not being afraid to do my own thing compared to other teachers. I think it can also stand for cutting myself a break when I realize that I don't have to be as good at everything as everyone else is (especially as a new teacher- so hard!)

- Push.
Push the kids by doing more enrichment and more challenges. Push myself to be better and smarter. Push my parents to be involved by making it easier and valuable. Push my colleagues to try new things and collaborate more.

Build my knowledge and confidence; build students' knowledge and confidence. Build a community and a passion for learning that will never disintegrate.

I'm leaning towards 'push,' but I'm just not quite sold yet.

If you were picking one word (any word!) on which to focus this school year, what would it be?


  1. Survival-lol! In the county in which I work, Common Core is kicking hard. The teachers, including myself, are trying hard to stay positive with the massive overload of curriculum. Looks like you have a great start to your list. Good Luck~

  2. I like PUSH. I think it's the best one.

    This year, I'm throwing balance out the window and I'm going for "workaholic"! Seriously, I'm on year 9 and I spend hours planning.

  3. I love your PUSH theme. Perfectly sums up everything - you can even PUSH for more balance, more organization, more differentiation, and more knowledge & confidence. :) I think I may have to adopt your theme for my own! Thanks for sharing. :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  4. I asked my first graders to think of one word last year in January instead of a New Year's Resolution. I like your one word choices!

  5. Best of luck with your meeting tomorrow. All of your words were awesome. You can't lose with any of them!

    :) Nicole
    Tadpole Tidbits


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