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Thursday, September 27, 2012

The BFG– Our Class Party!

Oh man. Yesterday wore. me. out.

We had our BFG Party, which I kind of morphed into BFG Day. I tried to tailor almost everything we did to the BFG in some way, and we had a blast.

This is one of my favorite read-alouds. Dahl just *gets* the kind of silliness that kids love. (I mean, the whizzpopping scene? Seriously, is there anything that cracks kids up more than an entire scene about passing wind?)

I let my kids wear pajamas, because Sophie was in pajamas most of the way through the book. One girl dressed up as the BFG, with the cutest little turtleneck and vest. She even brought in props:


A dream trumpet, and a dream jar- complete with the BFG-style dream label. (She purposely put backwards letters and misspelled fly. I love it.)


We started our morning with a math journal prompt. (I wrote about my math journals here.)


This one, I just loved. What great math thinking!!!

Next, we got creative and made our own dream jars.



The kids got to share with me one golden phizzwizard (wonderful dream!) and one terrible trogglehumper (nightmare) of theirs.


Some chose to draw the dreams the way they were described in the book, but others chose to draw what was happening in the dreams, but they had to label the jars with a summary, just like in The BFG.


What I loved was that the students asked if they could write it “like the BFG.” The special words, backwards letters, and ways of talking they remembered made me realize how into this book they really got. So happy.


This one said, “I is the first human bean to go bundjie jumpin out of a bellypopper and keep alive!” If you’d like a freebie copy of the BFG dream sheet, just click the photo above to find it on DropBox (and please say thanks!)


Then, we went to the computer lab, where I had students listen to Jack and the Beanstalk and then compare and contrast it to The BFG in their Reading Notebooks. After they finished the story, my kids could explore Universcale, by Nikon.

Have you seen this site? It’s amazing for comparing sizes of things, and very cool to just click around. I also had my kids find the things closest to the size of the BFG and the other giants in the book- which happened to involve some English-to-metric conversions. (So much learning packed into this day!)


Then we did an engineering challenge, like the Queen’s staff had to do for the BFG towards the end of the book. I’ll write more about this one later- it was probably my favorite activity of the day!

Note: the movie does include a bathtub scene you may want to preview before you decide to show it to kids.

Finally, we ended the day with watching the movie The BFG. (I actually found it on YouTube.) We also enjoyed some special BFG snacks- see the “snozzcumbers” below(cucumbers with the center cut out and cream cheese sprinkled with salt and pepper). I also had Frobscottle, but it was very quickly gone and I forgot to get a picture.

There’s an official Roald Dahl cookbook, but I kind of winged it.

I mixed together a can of Mt. Dew, a few generous squirts of lime juice, and lime sherbet. I let them sit in the fridge for about an hour until the sherbet mostly melted. Then I stirred and added some Fresca over the top. I hoped to sprinkle it with Pop Rocks, but had a hard time finding them. (My fault for shopping the night before!) It was delicious.

And very green!


We also enjoyed tiny snacks to make us feel like giants- see the cocktail weenies, baby carrots, mini Ritz crackers with tiny squares of cheese, Mini Oreos, and Chips Ahoy Minis. Oh, and my favorite- a mini baked potato bar.

Yup. Tiny potatoes baked during my lunch, and then kids could add cheese and bacon bits for bite-sized baked potatoes. Yeah, I think I may have enjoyed this part even more than my kids.

I’m excited to think of even more ideas for my kids next year. I love packing in as much learning as I can into a “party” day! Who knows- maybe if I ever decide to start a store, other people would have interest in a BFG Day packet?

It was a great day- but I came home very tired! Maybe that was just because I spent all day wearing footie pajamas, though :) Thanks for your help with ideas!


  1. Wow, this looks like it was so much fun!!!! And YES, I definitely think you should start a store and sell this packet!! The BFG is such a great book, and I'm sure there are tons of teachers who read it in their classroom! I wanted to read it to my kiddos this year (and I have a whole class set!), but a lot of them read it on their own in 3rd grade. Bummer! Thanks for sharing your fabulous BFG ideas! You are a wonderful teacher!! :)

    Lessons with Laughter

  2. I totally love this day! Most teachers would only show the movie, maybe, and move on with class, but you went above and beyond. Your kids are super lucky to be in your class! I hope the parents appreciate this! ;)


  3. I found my way here via a link from your guest post on Primary Gal's blog. I enjoyed reading about your BFG party, particularly as I'm reading the BFG to a 5th grade intervention group right now, and they are loving it. (It's one of my favorite read alouds as well.) Thanks for the BFG dream sheet!

  4. Thank you for the BFG dream jar worksheet and sharing all your awesome ideas! Inspiring!

  5. Thanks for the BFG dream jar sheet!

  6. Thank you for the dream jar sheet, and some amazing ideas for BFG! I love Roald Dahl!

  7. Thank you for the BFG dream jar sheet! My third graders LOVED hearing the BFG as a read aloud and really enjoyed creating dreams!

  8. Thank you for the BFG dream jar sheet! My third graders LOVED hearing the BFG as a read aloud and really enjoyed creating dreams!

  9. Thank you for the BFG dream jar sheet! My third graders LOVED hearing the BFG as a read aloud and really enjoyed creating dreams!


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