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Friday, October 26, 2012

Something Good!

I love that Jennifer at Rowdy in First Grade is trying to promote some optimism with her linky party!

{which totally puts this song in my head!}

I'm definitely needing to push myself to do this. Life has been... well, kind of stressful lately, so I'm going to make myself think of 3 for each.

Something Good at School:
1- It's FALL BREAK! Wooo! We have just one day off, but it feels incredible to be sitting at home right now.

2- One of my ESL students who came in as a Level 1 (very low English skills) is picking things up so quickly. He still struggles, but he finished his personal narrative, and I am blown away by all that he has learned already. I can't wait to see where he ends up in May.

3- I'm doing an integrated literacy/ social studies unit right now. I went to a really wonderful week-long class this summer, and I'm getting to use some of the planning and resources now. It's going so well, and when the teacher came to observe me, she had so many positive things to say, too!

Something Good at Home:
1- My husband has been uber-supportive lately. Last weekend I went out of town and he knew that the sheet multitude of laundry I needed to do was leaving me feeling swamped and overwhelmed. He did almost ALL of my laundry for me while I was gone! We've only been married a year, but this Sunday is the anniversary of when we first started dating- SEVEN years ago!

2- I got to spend last weekend helping my "twin" celebrate one of her last weekends as a single lady! She and I have been friends since we were 2 and 3 years old, so it means a lot to me that I get to be in her wedding in a few weeks.

3- Currently a looot of our money goes toward my husband's tuition bills, but we only have one more fall payment and one more semester until he will graduate and (hopefully) get a job! We may have to move, but... man, will it feel nice to be done with those payments for awhile (even if it means we have to pay off student loans next).

Whew. A little optimism does the heart good! Time to get some work done so grade cards can go home on Monday!


  1. So happy you found my blog :) I am your newest follower!! You have so many wonderful things in your life right now and a terrific husband.. I will have to join up with this linky party maybe tomorrow!!!

  2. Yay for anniversaries!! Happy October! Have a great week, Jenny!

    Second Grade Sparkle

  3. I love your something good at school! I was thinking the same thing about one of my struggling students this week. They really have come a long way!
    Rowdy in First Grade


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