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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Teacher’s Gonna Snap

One day we were doing a special project, and one of the kids looked at me and said, “Aren’t you going to take some pictures?”

They know me well, already. Time to link up with Miss Nelson’s Got the Camera!

I am dying to win a cute camera strap, so here are a few photos from the last month(ish).


Our awesome field trip to the airport to learn about the Tuskegee Airmen (and each student got to try flying in a flight simulator!).


I love teaching about animal adaptations, and this year I got to add owl pellets.


Owl pellet dissection- did you pick up your unit ideas and freebie yet?


Field trip to the Farmer’s Market to learn about local agriculture, produce, and seeds. (The next week, we learned how to make butternut squash soup with one of our finds!)


Our BFG Party to celebrate filling the cotton ball jar and finishing the novel (also with a freebie, if you didn’t pick it up yet!)


So much content lately! We get together with 3 other classes monthly to do a science activity, and for the first one, we microwaved Ivory soap. Super cool. We also translated the Pledge of Allegiance into kid-friendly language.


We’ve been starting The Daily 5/ CRAFT (but modified), and I think my favorite thing about the program may be the stamina piece. I have seen a big difference in some focus behaviors (especially with ADHD kids!) just because Read to Self also practices sitting relatively still for a significant amount of time. I also liked incorporating some graphing, though!

Our school had a special visit from Olympic gold medalist diver David Boudia! He was so nice and humble.


We have been tuning into interesting words for reading and writing, and setting up our Writer’s Workshop binders with these categories.


Finally, it’s the beginning of the year, so I feel like I’ve been doing endless assessment. But on the plus side, I can now do DIBELS Next on the iPad instead of doing them by hand or waiting for a finicky Palm Pilot!

I feel like we have done SO much in the past few weeks! I don’t bring my camera every day, but it’s been fun to document a few of our biggest events!

Have you linked up yet? :)


  1. You guys had a BLAST. I wish we went on more field trips. Thanks for linking up. Good Luck to you. I ordered many so I can have more camera strap giveaways. :)

  2. That was absolutely hilarious. I am so glad you showed it to me. I passed my phone around at my mom's house last night and everybody was cracking up.

    PS: Love your stamina graph. So sharing that one!
    Buzzing with Ms. B


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