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Friday, March 8, 2013

First Time Five for Friday

I’m linking up for the first time with Doodle Bugs Teaching’s Five for Friday!


What a week!

1. TESTING- ugh!IMG_0167-001

To start out, imagine this- the front of my room a few weeks ago- with everything taken down or covered but the alphabet and the quotes. For testing, my room had to be completely bare. But after a few days, we finished the first round. (Whew!)

2. Old West Day! (I can’t wait to post about this.)


My kids chose this as a reward and we had a blast.

3. Grown Up Bucket Filling


After seeing some wedding photos recently, I was reminded of how much I love ours and how much we loved our photographer. I emailed her randomly just to thank her again, and she said it made her month. LOVE getting a chance to randomly cheer someone up! (And seriously, Mindy is an amazing wedding photographer if you’re anywhere near Indiana!)

4. Good news! IMG_7200

My husband will graduate soon and has been job hunting, which is never a fun process. This week he found out about an exciting opening! It feels great to see him so excited and optimistic.


I have just started up on MyFitnessPal (find me- I’m luckeyfrog!) and I’ve done really well this week… but I splurged tonight and got a peanut butter milkshake and burger from one of my favorite places in town (that’s their peanut butter one on the right). I may not be going away anywhere, but this was a pretty great way to kick off spring break!

(And the other half- okay, third- is in the freezer to finish up tomorrow!)

I won’t be at school this week, but I have a few posts ready and I’m hoping to put together a giveaway for when I reach 500 followers! Let me know {luckeyfrogslilypad @} if you’re interested in helping out!

What was the best part of your week? :)

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  1. HI! Found you through Doodle Bugs Linky. Congrats on almost 500! I brought you closer as I am your newest follower! I love finding other 3rd grade teacher blogs! Best part of my week...finishing state testing! Adorable wedding pic! Enjoy your break!!! Two more weeks until my break...

    I'd love for you to follow me back...


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