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Wednesday, March 6, 2013


What a crazy week!

2 days of ISTEP+ (our state test), a 2 hour delay today, Old West Day tomorrow, a school parade/ convocation on Friday, and then SPRING BREAK!

Yes, I know our spring break is super early- but we are in a college town (see above)with many university parents, so we line up with the college spring break (which means my husband and I have the same spring break- for one last year until he graduates :)

Before you get too jealous, don’t worry… I’m not going anywhere exciting!

The good news is that my students are done with the first round of testing, and I think overall they did fine. I won’t go so far as great- I mean, it’s natural to be proctoring and want to tear your hair out over a couple of kids’ shoulders or jump up and down behind others, right? But hey- we’re done until the week after spring break.

Are any of you on MyFitnessPal? They’ve got a great app (and website) for tracking the food you eat and the exercise you do, and I’ve just started giving it a try. Add me- I’m luckeyfrog :) and I’d love to have some more “friends” on there!

Tomorrow… Old West Day!

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