Monday, December 16, 2013

Pizza Box Jenga Game

You might remember that I’m subbing for our ESL teacher in the afternoons for a few weeks. She is an amazing teacher and introduced me to a simple but fun learning game!

She often uses it to review vocabulary, but the great part about this game? You can review just about ANYTHING with it!

To get started, you need a few pizza boxes and four times as many cups as pizza boxes. Some pizza places will be happy to give you a few fresh boxes as a donation, and any kind of plastic cup will do.


You’re going to stack them sort of Jenga-style- four cups holding up each pizza box. Ask a question to a student, and if they get it right, they get to pull a cup out of the stack.


Of course, you can pull out a few cups and have the tower keep standing. But after awhile…


… the tower falls!


If you want the game to go on longer, you can keep points for how many times each team makes the tower fall.

Of course, the kids LOVE when the tower goes tumbling everywhere! This is such a simple review game… perfect for those last few days before break : ) It’s also perfect for test prep in a fun, active way!

What kinds of things do you review before kids go on winter break?

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