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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Very Luckey Birthday Giveaway- Day TWO!

I am so excited to continue celebrating with you tonight!

Luckey birthday giveaway logo

This past week I’ve had the pleasure of trying out some beauty products from Perfectly Posh. Read on to find out how YOU can win free beauty products!

Shannon Peter is an Air Force wife and independent consultant for Perfectly Posh. If you’re like me, you’d probably never heard of this particular company. It’s like a lot of cosmetic and beauty companies in some ways, but here’s what makes them unique:

  • High quality ingredients- no soy or gluten fillers, no petroleum, no lanolin
  • Imports the very best ingredients- but then manufactures in the USA
  • Cruelty-free: no animal testing, and many products are vegan
  • Uses natural fragrances
  • Everything is under $25 and when you buy 5, you get the 6th FREE!
  • A focus on skin care and spa products to, well, “pamper” you! (So, less make-up, and more scrubs, lotions, soaps, moisturizers, bath salts, etc.)

The thing is, I’m a veeery low-maintenance beauty girl, and probably should take better care of my skin, so I jumped at the chance to try out some products- and Shannon was happy to oblige. She sent me the cutest bag in the mail with lots of samples inside!


Even the packing peanuts are environmentally friendly! Can you believe it?

I started with the Sea Witch face mask, which uses seaweed and kelp to clean your skin and help you detox. I loved that these little cards told me exactly how to use it and what it does!When I put it on, the blue-green color made me feel a little like Ursula…


But it made my face feel so soft, and my face didn’t feel greasy or oily at all, even in my trouble spots. I know if I used this even once a week, it would really help keep my face clear!

It did make my face kind of red at first, but my face reddens really easily (and the package warned that it can tingle or burn a little the first few times). I moisturized with some creamy Brazilian Bombshell body butter, though, and it felt a lot better!


My favorite, though? A few hours ago I used the Daily Grind Coffee Scrub on my hands. I don’t love to drink coffee, but I always like the smell- and I could tell this had actual coffee beans in it! Just a couple of minutes of scrubbing, and my skin felt so soft!


I smoothed some Big Fat Yummy Hand Crème on after the scrub, and I will absolutely be buying some of this stuff! It feels light and whipped as you smooth it on, but a little goes a long way.

The Lil’ Snarky scent is light and sweet, and unlike a lot of hand creams, this kept my hands soft without making them feel greasy and gross.  My hands have been so dry this winter, and the combination of the Daily Grind scrub and the Lil’ Snarky Hand Crème is making them feel amazing, even hours later.


I also got a chance to try the Big Fat Yummy Lips gloss in Raspberry Bang-Bang, and I just love the tint of it! My usual make-up routine is moisturizer, quick sweep of mineral powder foundation, a dash of bright eyeshadow, and mascara if I’m on time (just being honest here).

This will be the perfect way to add a little color to my lips without it being “too much” or too intense for my subtle make-up- but still has a little menthol to make them puffy and kissable. My husband noticed right away that I had something different on my lips!


Basically, I came away from my time sampling Perfectly Posh wanting to try and buy more! The products I used were high-quality and made my night a little happier- and we all deserve that sometimes!


Today, Shannon and I are giving you a chance to win the Apple of my Eye Lip Scrub and Bombinator Set—the perfect Teacher Appreciation gift that teachers will actually enjoy. Sugar lip scrub that smells (and tastes!) like apples, plus a fizzing Bombinator that pretty much makes your bathtub a relaxing oasis.

I know I get very, very tired of apple-shaped things that I can’t really use, but this nods to “an apple for the teacher” while also giving them some much-needed relaxation.  Perfect, right?

Enter below in the Rafflecopter and I’ll pick a winner this weekend!

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Want to try some of these products yourself? I highly, highly recommend Shannon Peter! She was easy to communicate with, sent things fast, and even included personal touches like a thank you note and an email to check in and see how I was enjoying everything.  She really knows her products and she gave me perfect recommendations of what to try!


You can also pick up some of the apple-themed  Teacher Appreciation gifts for your kid’s teacher or your teacher friends! (Follow her on Facebook to catch current deals!)

If you live near her in Missouri, you may be able to meet up with her in person (and even host a party where you can try some products in person!), or you can order Perfectly Posh products online through her at this site.

Thanks, Shannon, for letting me try some of your amazing products!
(I may have had a little TOO much fun!)


P.S.-- I’m putting the finishing touches on Text Detectives April, so be sure you’re following on Facebook and Instagram to see when they’re finally up on TpT!  :)


  1. I think the face mask sounds awesome!

  2. I'd love the coffee hand scrub. My hands are always so dry!!

  3. I'd love to try the sea witch face mask!! I have terrible skin and always looking for something new!

  4. Feel free to message me on facebook and I'd be happy to send samples or help with questions about products :)

    Shannon Peter
    Posh consultant

  5. I would love to try the face mask!

  6. I would like to try the daily grind coffee scrub!

  7. That hand scrub! My hands get so nasty in the winter!
    Teaching in the Valley

  8. Id be happy to send sample packs to anyone interested feel free to email me @
    Or on facebook


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