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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bright Ideas- Post-It Races

Sure, we’ve all used Post-Its, and loved them- but today I’m sharing a way to use Post-Its that you might not have tried before!

Welcome to the April edition of the Bright Ideas! As always, this link-up is meant to help you discover some amazingly simple, absolutely free ideas… and some awesome new blogs, too!

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Two years ago, my students were learning the names of the continents, and some were really struggling. Our map didn’t make it easy to read the continent names, so I made labels using Super Sticky Post-It Notes.

To practice identifying continents, we simply mixed up the Post-It notes and I challenged students to put them on correctly as quickly as they could. We called it the Post-It Place Race- and the idea could work for identifying continents, countries, states, etc.

This year, I started looking for ways to apply this kind of interactive practice with Post-Its in other ways. Some ideas:
  • matching vocabulary to definition
  • matching shape/ solid names to their pictures
  • matching color words to colors
  • matching number words to numerals
  • labeling parts of a book (cover, table of contents, title page, etc.)
  • labeling text features in non-fiction
  • labeling parts of a plant, cell, human body, etc. in science
  • labeling parts of a friendly letter
  • labeling or matching basic classroom nouns for ESL students
  • filling in “missing” spots on a hundreds chart or “missing” letters
  • ordering the days of the week, numbers, story sequences, etc.
  • fun test prep!
  • and… anything else you can think of!
This year I’m really enjoying using this strategy on an anchor chart- so it can hang in our room as a reference, but still be used for practice at a center, during whole group instruction/ review, or with small groups who need extra reinforcement of a concept.

I do recommend the Super Sticky notes because they tend to hold up a little better to repeated placing and removal : ) but other than that, the possibilities for this simple teaching strategy are endless!

I’d love to hear your ideas for using Post-It Place Races in your classroom!
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  1. This is another genius idea! Gets kids moving (very important for the child with adhd) and actively thinking. Great share!

  2. What a fun idea! I know my students would enjoy using this strategy as we review and prepare for state testing. Thanks for sharing!

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