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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Bright Ideas- Label Centers for Easy Setup

It’s that time again! Today I’m here to share a bright idea for labeling your centers to make them even easier and quicker to set up each week.

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I have a ton of “center” style activities. Even when I started using the Daily 5 in my classroom, I still used these a lot for Word Work, reviewing skills, small group focus lessons, and as fast finisher activities.


When they come with a cover page or directions, I like to laminate it and tape it onto the front of a manila folder.  (A colleague of mine likes to laminate the whole manila folder and then use an X-acto knife to slice apart the opening which is even sturdier!)


I also add a Velcro dot to the flap since the brad tends to wear out. Small pieces inside go in Ziploc bags to stay organized.


This has worked really well for me, but I still have to open each center and re-read the directions each year to make sure I set out the right supplies. This year, I realized I could make that easier on myself.

Enter: washi tape! (easily removable, and also cute)


With just a little tape and a Sharpie, I am labeling each center with the supplies students will need. I also put a C in a circle if I need to copy something, like a recording sheet.


Now, when I get out a center, I don’t even have to open it to know exactly what I need to get out. At a glance, I can make sure a center is ready and kids won’t need to interrupt me.


And the best part? I can gradually add these labels as I go through the year, so it doesn’t have to be a huge one-time project!

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  1. Jenny!

    I LOVE this idea!! I am obsessed with washi tape and always looking for more ways to use it!! Also, that is a great way to know ahead of time what you need to do to prepare for the center! It can be so easy to forget some of those little things!
    Lessons with Laughter

  2. These are great organizational tips! Love the Washi tape! Makes things so colorful!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. Such a great idea Jenny! Thanks for sharing! I like that Washi tape.

    :) Shelley
    The Write Stuff Teaching


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