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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ahh... Spring Break!

I just took a super quick trip to Dallas where I literally spent more time traveling to and from than I did in Texas, but I was mostly going with my husband for moral support. (He had 3- yes, 3- internship interviews there.) The trip went smoothly, I got to see a college friend of ours, and I got to read a lot.

I read Little Bee, by the way, and it was incredible. I love actually taking the time to READ! As much as I love reading, it doesn't happen much while school is going.

In other news, I went to the Target Dollar Spot today and didn't find one thing that I wanted enough to get it. (I did find some clearance office supplies, and I can't resist colorful paper clips and binder clips in tiny boxes for 88 cents, but that's it.) It felt strange to not fill my basket with classroom stuff!

Anyway! I really wanted to post today about my friend Deb (can I call you a friend yet, Deb?) over at Oh My Little Classity Class. If you haven't checked out her blog, you are missing out on lots of terrific ideas and even better freebies. She is creative, making items that are unique, and she's incredibly generous to boot.

I am so excited to use her Brainiac Pack next week! This packet includes a week's worth of terrific activities that I will have students work on as soon as they come in the classroom. Like most morning work, Deb's includes reading and math and proofreading, but what I love most is that she includes a more open-ended activity for the back of the page. The kids at my school all arrive at different times, and take different amounts of time to get to their seats (especially the girl who must catch up with each and every one of her friends before the school day starts).

The open-ended activities are great for keeping everyone working during that busy time of day, AND they aren't just 'busy work'! Instead, they give students a chance to think creatively, but in a way I know my students will find incredibly fun. As an example, I already know that my students will love trying to think of a menu for leprechauns, or writing a letter to convince a leprechaun to give them his gold.

If you are interested in checking out the packet, you can find it here. My class will be so excited to shake up the morning work routine next week! Thank you, Deb, for giving me the chance to check it out, and for being so supportive!

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  1. Awwwww, you're so sweet! I'm glad you're excited about the Brainiac Pack! It has been LOTS of fun in my classroom this week!!

    Enjoy Spring Break (lucky duck!)!!

    (And, yep, we're friends!!)

    Oh My Little Classity Class


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