Monday, March 26, 2012


Ugh. I'm putting off grade cards (again). Anyway, I'll keep this quick. This is probably silly, because I'm sure you all know about this, but on the off chance you don't, it can make school work muuuuch more bearable. Do you use Pandora? Pandora is a website where you type in a favorite artist or song, and they customize a radio station for you. As you listen, you can click the Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down to give them more feedback and it will get even better at choosing songs for you. It is completely free if you don't mind a few ads! (and they also have a great free app!) Eventually, you will end up going, "What? How did Pandora know I love that obscure song?!" So, especially if your school network doesn't block Pandora, it's a great way to play music you like while working, without even needing to carry around a player. Alright. Back to grading... Sigh.


  1. I've had a student teacher this semester and she uses Pandora all the time with our class. I LOVE it!!

    2nd Grade Rocks!

  2. I listen to Pandora all the time when I'm trying to focus on getting work done! Just be careful with the commercials though. One of my colleagues was playing it in her class and a preview for the movie "Friends with Benefits" came on and used some words that are not appropriate for little ears!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

    1. True. I usually stick to CDs with my class and just use Pandora for me before and after school!

  3. I LOVE Pandora! It's been blocked on our school network, so this year I've used my wonderful iPhone and the great Pandora app to play quiet music while my kiddos work. I place our microphone right by my phone and then when the commercials come on, I turn down the volume and tell them it's intermission! :) They absolutely love the music...especially around the holidays!



  4. I LOVE Pandora!!! My own kiddos have it on their iPods and have discovered some awesome new tunes! :)

    Oh My Little Classity Class


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