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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blogger Tutorial: Switching from Google to Blogger Profiles

*Note: I can't believe I've passed 50 followers! I've really only been working on and promoting my blog for a week and a half, so I definitely have YOU to thank for that! I'm busy working on a freebie to celebrate. I'll post it soon! In the meantime... I hope this is helpful to someone other than me!*

Once I started my blog, I realized that I was sometimes getting followers whose profiles didn't show any blogs... but then, they'd leave a comment and have a blog! It was weird, and I wasn't sure why I couldn't just find their blog directly from their profile.

Then, I realized that if I wanted people to easily check out MY blog, I needed to make sure my profile had a direct blog link. Turns out, there are two kinds of profiles you can choose to "follow" a blog with- your Google profile or your Blogger profile. For me, my Google profile has my name and my Blogger profile has a screen name (luckeyfrog). My Google profile will tell you a little about me, but my Blogger profile will show you my blog!

To me, it was important to make sure that I was following everyone with my Blogger profile, but now, I had to figure out how to do it.

Go to your Blogger dashboard, and scroll down past your blogs to where it says Reading List.