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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Tips for New Teachers

Whew, this new blog stuff is exciting, isn't it? I'm up to TWENTY-FIVE followers, and only one is someone I know in real life! (Thanks, husband :) Those of you who are following me and commenting are just making me feel so great!

One of the things I really want to offer on my blog is practical advice to new teachers. I'm in my third year of teaching, but the first two years I was an assistant/ interventionist, and this is my first year in my own classroom. And, wow- even with some extra experience under my belt, has it been overwhelming! I am so excited to share some of the things I've learned to help out new teachers, and this linky party over at Teach123 is a great way to start!

Here are a few tips:
 This was a big one for me during student teaching. You can't possibly reinvent the wheel in your first year, and you have to realize that's okay. Try to come up with a predictable routine (which is great for your kids anyway!), and then you will have the time and energy to have a few amazing lessons here or there! Each year, you'll add a few more amazing lessons until your curriculum is where you want it!
 Seriously... an "emergency kit" at school will really save you. Some other items: a Tide pen or Shout wipe, hairbrush, lint roller, extra pantyhose if you wear them, extra pair of comfy shoes, and lots more. (Any more suggestions? What am I missing?)
I love to find the same forms that can be used again and again (like my Magic Number sheet, and some of my center recording sheets) that I can have ready and I don't have to worry about copying again each week. Just make sure you have a spot for each one that will be quick and easy for you to find and use!

Seriously, you will have so many things to do and to copy and to get ready, and in your first year, it's nice to have a few of those be a little simpler! Get a solid routine down first, and then worry about shaking it up with all your new and wonderful ideas! (And don't forget to have some back-up supplies for yourself, because there will be a day that you need them!)


  1. It's late and I have a terrible headache, but I had to comment - great tips!

    I would add ibuprofen to the emergency kit lol.

    And I added a SpringTime: Telling Time to the Minute Pack! I was going to anyway, but I was being lazy. So your comment kicked me into gear! Thanks!
    Buzzing with Ms. B

  2. What a great blog you have! These are great tips! Thanks for coming by my blog. I so appreciate the comments!!

  3. The emergency kit can't be stressed enough. I would add safety pins, sunglasses (mine have broke at school before), cold/flu medicine, nasal spray, cough drops, bandaids, and an umbrella. I like to keep a comfy pair of shoes and socks at school in case I want to stay late and work.

    Thanks for joining my Teaching Tips Linky Party. I made a Pinterest Board called Teaching Tips and added your tips. You can check it out here:


  4. Thanks for the sweet comment. I would love to have you as a guest blogger! Please send me your email, and I will send you the details.


  5. It's my 4th year teaching and man I still learn new thing everyday! Thanks for stopping by my blog and using my things!! :)

    I am your newest follower!

    Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

  6. These are great tips!! I found your blog because of the linky party! Glad I found it! :)

    3rd Grade Times


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